The work of Louis Ebarb: A lifetime dedicated to the creative arts.



About Louis Ebarb

About Louis Ebarb


I create art because it is possible to achieve perfection.

I present the viewer with the world through my eyes and experience.

I paint my version of the sacred.

I learned to paint realistically through the study of abstraction.

I present the beauty of the commonplace and the often overlooked.

I make a  better world on all of my canvasses.

I anchor my work with the traditions of western composition.

I begin each painting knowing it will be my best.

I honor my Italian, Native American and Spanish ancestors through my work.

I don't take myself or my work too seriously.


Moonlit Manhattan, 24X30", Oil on Canvas

Night in the Chelsea neighborhood in New York City.  Dark windows of businesses,rooftops too high for street lights, watertowers and the light of the moon.

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