About the Artist

About Louis Ebarb

About Louis Ebarb


Artist Statement

    The art world has come to a time where there is no one dominant art movement. This allows for a freedom of expression that is unprecedented. Even as I adopt and adapt the philosophies and techniques of my predecessors, I am creating new images and statements that are personal to me and therefore unique.

    I continue to create because I know my next painting will be my best.  All Artists from cave painters to Christo are attempting to depict that which we worship.  Styles and images change because our deities have evolved and shifted through changing knowledge, technology and environment. My sacred images are the people who populate our world. 

    I am an admirer of the Ashcan School, Edward Hopper, The French Impressionists, and as they did, I depict the commonplace and the often overlooked in my work.  As a product of the American Middle Class and the true new world cultural mix of Italian, Spanish and Native American heritage, I am both an observer and the subject while I present the viewer the world through my eyes and experience.   Working within the parameters of Realism and Western composition, I have created a style that reflects my values.



   A product of Brooklyn, New York and a member of the Choctaw-Apache Tribe of Ebarb, Louisiana, the painter Louis Ebarb draws on his complex mix of cultures to create his images

    Working as an Abstract Expressionist in the 1960s, he studied painting at Pratt Institute where his style reflected the emerging Minimalist Movement. In 1988, Mr. Ebarb incorporated his training in abstract art with the concepts of the American Realists of the early twentieth century and began to document his experiences and time through his unique rendition of Urban Realism. While the earlier American realists encountered their images as newspaper artists, Mr. Ebarb established his style through the lens of his still and video cameras.

    Beyond painting, Mr. Ebarb has worked in many creative endeavors: Theater Craftsman; Animator; Illustrator; Graphic designer; Production Designer; Art Instructor; Video Producer; Video Director.

    Mr. Ebarb's  work has been shown at the Surmrit Gallery, Jersey City N.J., Fraga Gallery, New Orleans, La., the Belanthi Gallery, Brooklyn N.Y., the Temple Gallery, Vails Gate, N.Y.; the Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition's Pier Shows I, II and III and the State University of New York's Victory Arts Gallery, Saint Francis College, Brooklyn, N.Y., The New York Mercantile Exchange, New York Law School and many other venues.

    He continues to chronicle his time and the people who define it.




1986 to Date   State University of New York,

                          Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.

1986   Audio Visual/Video Supervisor

1998   Video & Video Conferencing Services Manager:

Fashioned video streaming/on demand web video system and microwave, satellite, point-to-point video conferencing. Video Producer; Production Coordinator; Studio design, Field Production Producer, Video Director, Linear and Non-Linear Video Editor.


1984    Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, N.Y., N.Y.

            Video Producer; Surgical Production, Conference Media


1978     The Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Video Producer; Media Center/Studio design and    management; Slide and still photography;

Sound/Slide Show production.


Selected Accomplishments


1976   B.F.A., Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y.;

              Theater Technician, for The New Federal Theater,

              La Moma ETC  & Brooklyn Arts & Culture Association

              (to 1979);

1977   Animation Workshop Instructor, Editor, Brooklyn Public       

          Library; Art Instructor, Immaculate Conception School, NYC;

1978   The United Nations, Animator for the film Child’s Eye View

           aired on the ABC Television Network;

1979   Video & AV Producer, Brooklyn Educational and Cultural       Alliance;

1980   Technical Director, Downtown Cultural Center, Brooklyn, NY; 

Producer, Director, Sound/slide show, Coney Island that is in the collection of the New York State Museum, Albany, NY.  

1982   Producer, Photographer, Editor, Brooklyn Technical College    

           Promotional Sound/Slide Show;

1984 Recipient of the John Cotton Dana Public Relations Award,

         American Library Association;

         Finalist, JVC Professional Video Competition;

1986   Video Production Coordinator, Audio Visual Supervisor,  S.U.N.Y. Health Science Center at Brooklyn;

1991   Project Manager, Media Distribution Network, S.U.N.Y. Brooklyn;

1993   Project Manager, Television Studio Project, S.U.N.Y. Brooklyn;   

1997   Directed more than six hundred "Health Center" programs, a weekly cable access program which airs onthe Brooklyn,         Manhattan and Queens Cable Access Networks.

1998   Featured Artist, The Black History Victory Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY., Installation of the 32 ft. mural titled                       "Health Education Building" commissioned by the State University of New York.

1999 First place award Best Art by the AFL-CIO Communications Committee for the magazine, UUP Voice.

2014 Best in Show: Portfolio,  Still Point Arts Quarterly, Winter 2014, Blue: Color of the Clear Sky and Deep Sea.